Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, Zain (which means "beautiful") Javadd Malik celebrates his birthday on January 12 and is the second oldest member of One Direction at 19 years old. His father is British Pakistani Yaser and his mother is an English woman named Tricia. Zain, whom later changed the spelling to "Zayn" in order to be more unique, has one older sister named Doniya and two younger sisters named Waliyha and Safaa. He grew up in East Bowling and took classes at Lower Fields Primary School and Tong High School. He and his sisters did not fit in at first due to their heritage, but eventually found their place at another school. Zain practices the Muslim faith and has made it a publicly known fact on Twitter. He is a smoker, but has expressed interest in quitting.

Zayn met the rest of One Direction when he auditioned for X Factor. His X Factor audition was not shown on the show, but was shown on a spin-off titled The Xtra Factor once he became a member of One Direction. He had previously applied to be on the show in 2009, but pulled out of auditions because he was so nervous. He also nearly walked out once he was in the judge's house because he had trouble with his dance moves. Zayn is a big fan of R&B and rap music and lists the genres as his biggest influences. He hopes that One Direction will have the opportunity to collaborate with Bruno Mars some day in the future. He has gone on record stating that N*Sync is his favorite band of all-time.

One fun fact about Zayn Malik is that music is not his only talent. He has also been known to draw and considers it his secret talent. Swimming, however, is not one of his talents. He can't swim and is afraid of open water.

Zayn has expressed interest in finding a girlfriend, but has stated that he would not date anyone younger than 16 years old or older than 40 years old. He is known as a bit of a ladies' man even at 10 years old, when he dated triplets at the same time. His first kiss was with one of the triplets, a girl named Sophie Kirk. The fact that he bites his lip when he is nervous or hiding something might have given him away. He prefers curvy girls over thin girls and wants them to be smart and considers Megan Fox and Justin Timberlake to be his celebrity crushes.

Zayn is a fan of tattoos and piercings. He has his grandfather's name tattooed on his chest, done as a tribute after his grandfather passed while he was competing on X Factor. He also has seven other tattoos, including a microphone on his arm. A veteran at tattoos, he held Harry's hand while Harry got his own tattoo.

Zayn was voted #3 on the "Top Hottest Males" list by Sugarscape in 2011. He has 5 minutes and 38 seconds of solo time on the debut album by One Direction.

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