One Direction Red Nose Day A Big Helping Hand

The world's biggest and probably the most famous boy band now, One Direction, have decided to team up with the UK Charity which is the Comic Relief to record the official charity single of the 2013 Red Nose Day. Creating their own unique version on the Blondie classic song, "One Way or Another". This official Red Nose Day single is considered to be the largest selling Comic Relief single ever recorded globally. Just after two days it was released, the single hit the number 1 spot on iTunes in over 63 countries around the world. The countries include the UK of course, Canada, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Argentina, New Zealand and Egypt. 
The year 2013 marks the 25 years anniversary of the charity Comic Relief's biannual fundraising event which is the Red Nose Day. The charity was originally launched on Christmas Day in the year 1985 on BBC1. The whole idea of the charity, Comic Relief, was to make people laugh with the use of specially commissioned routines and sketches while at the same time raising money for the crippling famine situations happening in Ethiopia. Long before Red Nose Day was created, there is already a charity telethon that gathers UK comedy and entertainment industry for a night of raising funds. Thus the first ever Red Nose Day that happened in 1988 incredibly raised an amount of £15million. 
The chief executive of Comic Relief, Kevin Cahill said that they couldn't have asked for better artists to record the official single on their 25th year other than the famous One Direction. He also added that it was an absolute takeover and for the very first time ever, Comic Relief received a massive global selling single. 1D has that genuine commitment to the work they fund that is very touching and Cahill is completely aware that One Direction's contribution will definitely raise a big amount to help make a real difference. 
Earlier in 2013, One Direction decided to visit people in Africa who are suffering from extreme poverty and see for their selves how money is being raised through Red Nose Day that is truly making a real difference. All thanks to the big and generous heart of all the British people ever since 1988 and up to now because over £600 million have already been raised through a total of 13 Red Nose Days. All of that money has been making a great change in the lives of the people in Africa and the UK. The next Red Nose Day will take place on the 15th of March 2013, Friday. 
If you love One Direction and you are willing to help the boys with this fundraising event, there are loads that you can to do to help. You can start selling 1D cake or make your own customized 1D shirts and other merchandise that you can sell and the proceeds can go to the charity. One Direction would really love that their fans are also making ways on how to help other people who are in need. Your support for One Direction will not only go to the boys but to all those people across Africa.