Feast Your Eyes On The 1D3D Movie Extravaganza In a Movie Theatre Near You

All you directioners out there, you better fasten your seatbelts, because it is going to be an exhilarating experience in movie theatres starting summer 2013 - truly a dream come true. You are invited this summer to the One Direction 3D movie extravaganza, brought to you by TriStar Pictures, because you rightfully deserve it for having stood by their side from their first auditions. It all began with a dream; now One direction are going to show you the stuff that dreams are made of. If you think you know the boys, then you better think again - this movie event is indeed the beginning of a beautiful friendship. What you will experience is life in its purest form; no acting, no compromises, no regrets. One way or another they will get you and then you will get up close and personal with Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis - you will watch in 3D the real life story of a generation, a story of five strangers who have become brothers and who have made it - top of the world, thanks to you!

This terrific movie event represents the token of their appreciation to all you directioners worldwide. Thanks to the support and dedication of millions of fans like yourself, One Direction is the winner of the best British album, number 1 in 37 countries and because of you and for you they have made the 1D3D movie. So you better get ready to handle the truth, because there is nothing fake about this movie, nothing is staged and it has nothing to hide - what you see is what you get. You will have exclusive access to unique behind the scene footage from their world tour and not only you will get the chance to look at their extraordinary journey so far, but you will also feel, and in good reason, an intrinsic part of it. You will watch exclusive footage from the X Factor auditions of each 1D member, accompany them in their world tour on the biggest arenas and experience life on the road along with the boys. What a fascinating opportunity to see what is really going on behind the scenes as they prepare for performing and selling out shows worldwide!

One Direction is the band which defines a generation, but these modest boys have never taken their worldwide success for granted and this shows throughout every single scene of this movie event - this is exactly what makes 1D3D so special and unique. These boys are forever grateful for all the beautiful "little things" in their lives, made possible solely because of their amazing fans. Indeed, life has taken them places they have never been before, but even so, they have not let for one moment their outstanding success to get to their heads and it has not changed them at all. They are still the same sweet, kind, funny, talented yet humbled boys as they were when they first set foot on the X Factor stage. This movie is your chance to be a part of each moment in their lives on the road.

Because the boys love you right back, they have decided to also make you a part of the One Direction 3D movie poster mosaic, made of thousands of "little things" - you directioners out there. Simply upload a picture of you singing your favorite 1D song or a basic headshot from your mobile, submit it to and you are bound to be featured in the 1D3D poster mosaic. If you cannot wait until the movie hits the cinemas, you can feast your eyes with a sneak peak at the One Direction 3D teaser trailer. Also, to get your tickets first, follow @1D3Dmovie on Twitter. So until then, let s live while we are young and enjoy the Take Me Home 1D world tour.