Born as Louis Troy, Louis William Tomlinson celebrates his birthday on Christmas Eve and is 19 years old. He grew up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England with his mother, Johannah Poulston and his stepfather, Mark Tomlinson. Louis has five younger half-sisters. Two of his sisters had roles on the show "Fat Friends" and worked as an extra on the show on several occasions.

Louis attended acting school in Barnsley, where he had small parts on ITV1's "If I Had You" and BBC's "Waterloo Road". He then started A levels again when he began attending sixth form at Hall Cross School. Louis had several jobs before joining One Direction, working first at Vue Cinema and then as a waiter in the hospitality suites at the Doncaster Rovers Football Stadium.

Louis states that winning the role of Danny Zuko in a school production of "Grease" is what motivated him to try out for "X Factor". Although he did not make it in a solo audition, he was good enough that Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell decided to group him with four other guys, the same group that now works as the internationally known One Direction. Louis has loved music since he was a child, stating that Robbie Williams is his biggest influence. He is also a fan of Ed Sheeran and The Fray. Louis is a great piano player and loves to arrange music.

Louis is known as the comedian of the group, constantly joking and goofing off, especially in the group's video journals. He once pretended to be Edward Cullen for an entire night after watching the movie "New Moon". His hijinks aren't always so family-friendly though. As a teenager, Louis got in trouble for mooning his teacher. He doesn't only pull down his own pants, though. Niall was the victim of one of Louis' antics when he pantsed him at a gas station. The other members of One Direction have noted that Louis can be very loud and sometimes starts randomly speaking French in interviews.

When asked who his celebrity crush is, Louis answered with a fellow band mate's name. Louis and Harry Styles became close friends after meeting in the restrooms on the set of X Factor. They even share a flat, where Harry cooks for Louis. He says that the picture on his nightstand is one of him and Harry together.

If you are a big Louis fan, you're in luck. He has stated on several occasions that he would love to date a fan, but he will not date anyone younger than 17 and would not like it if his girlfriend was a neat freak. He would prefer a girl that likes to eat carrots and won't use a pick-up line on him. Louis came in #4 on "Top Hottest Males" by Sugarscape in 2011, although he does not think he is sexy and once got dumped for being too ugly.

Louis states that he cannot live without his cell phone and uses it to call his mum almost every night, which is not only a fun fact about Louis Tomlinson, but shows his sensitive side.

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