Born to mother Anne Cox and father Des Styles, Harry Edward Styles celebrates his birthday on February 1 and is 18 years old. Harry grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England and attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. His parents divorced when he was seven years old, leaving him and older sister Gemma to live with their mother. Harry once held a part-time job at the W. Mandeville Bakery in Holmes Chapel.

Before becoming a member of One Direction, Harry was a member of the band White Eskimo. He won a Battle of the Bands competition along with band mates Haydn Morris, Nick Clough and Will Sweeny. Harry has loved to sing since he was a young boy and states that Elvis Presley was his first musical influence. Today, he also draws inspiration from Foster The People, Coldplay and Kings of Leon. His favorite songs are John Mayer's cover of "Free Fallin'" and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd.

Harry auditioned for the British version of X Factor as a solo act. Although his audition was not enough to push him through as a solo act, producers decided to team him up with other solo acts in order to create the boy band One Direction. Today, Harry considers the other members his family and best friends.

Harry's best friend is band mate Louis Tomlinson. They have even stated that they have celebrity crushes on each other. The boys share a flat together where Harry cooks macaroni and cheese for Louis because he cannot cook at all. Harry has joked that Louis will do until he finds a girlfriend. He sometimes refers to Louis as his "Pumpkin".

Harry is probably most known for his hair. Although hair is normally not that exciting, Harry Styles has a fun fact attached to his. He has described as "Bipolar" because some days it is straight and others day it is curly. He prefers it to be curly and cries when his hair is straightened. He is also known for his big heart. When he started making money as a member of One Direction, he used some of it to create a charity that is currently working to try to find a cure for brain tumors.

Described as the most charming member of One Direction, Harry would love to find a girlfriend and will date girls as young as 14 and as old as 44. He always kisses on the first date. Harry has states that he prefers curvy girls.

Harry has been known to get himself into some predicaments. He once wore nothing but a blanket onto a plane and has even slept naked next to Louis. Like Louis, Harry likes to randomly speak French during the band's interview. He is a bit superstitious and often wears a pair of lucky green underwear.

Harry was named #7 in Sugarscape's "Top Hottest Males" list of 2011, although more than 96 percent of fans do not want to see him as the leader of the band. He does have more followers than any other band member on Twitter at over 2.2 million.

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